Tuesday, December 23, 2008

As for we who "love to be astonished,"

road show

making faces against the snow: c. & I need to stop drinking so much

solo shot through the snow: a.m.g.

recycle, damnit

packing for my mitten: st. for the holidays

15th & State: had a partner the day before

omigod becky, look at her butt

Thursday, December 18, 2008

pull the knocker from the door: place red thread in its place

nyc: in need of an elevator

m: guarding the quinoa

holiday feast: I made gravy

the boys in the nook

st. can't handle the feasting

they stay all year round

look out: peacock on duty

helping the co-op

seal of approval: candy counter

magnetic wares


a. ashamed of a.m.g.

c. being one

b. michael finds all the greatest carts

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Heartwood

7:15 AM: second snow: gone by noon

christmas came early this year: a.m.g.

8th & idaho: sneaky lil guy

7:30 AM: you're the moon on my horizon

the new neighbor

very sexual fella

: parking

hand-stitched, baby

christmas came early this year: st.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Grand Concord of what does not Stoop to Definition

chinden means "china garden": waiting for the bus

st. with christmas: trumpeter

so. sick. so. sexy. so.

worn: cow licked but bathed

state & 16th: been here for years

rocky & owner: a tad shaken

big doggy

c., new paul, st.'s dancing fist: vista

something to write home about: check that cleavage

very interested: long hammer

: one two three four

Friday, November 28, 2008

Parachute into My Crux & Rotator Cup

brooklyn AM

face the morning after: station shot

a lethal pair: posing like there's always time

because of because: what we find when we miss trains

a.m.g. & b. michael in bbgunn's glasses: serving me quite well, thank you

From this shot on the day got shotty itself: had to toss the tamari: too much dead weight. Running through JFK, I realized how hot NYC really can be in the wintered months. How never to trust my stride in soft shoes. To tap to avoid vertigo. Out side of needing to unnecessarily go to the co-op tomorrow, vacation, obviously, was a list of syntactical errors wrapped in bacon served with a side of love fried rice. Now continue with the final shots of thanksgiving vacation:

margot investigates the baggage

crazy eyes: blogging the shit out of thanksgiving break
a.k.a.: vertigo like whoa

watering the ivy creeped up the bird bell

happy thanksgiving: welcome to bagelville

god loves you: walking bridge over freeway:
enlarge for more beauty:the fence acts as my foothills

no; a sign

a.m.g.: thankful for illegal butterfly knives in bronxville

(ignore that we're leaving): thanksgiving at the coal chamber

el & gen absorbing

b. michael & t.: coma & comma faces

southern p. drinks & a. sleeps under ghost hosts

southern p.: gentleman & scholar.
miriam: giggles after gobbles (such beauty deserves a full name)

thankful for ghost host over desserts

get serious: b. michael, t., & a.m.g

brooklyn: chilled away from the fire