Saturday, September 11, 2010

one can listen a long time to the indistinct whispers of abandoned bicycles in the streets

a. came for a visit, which means a visit with noel

another new friend: e.

n. in a drug dealer's kitchen


a. & k. & a.

ladies night
t., k., j., e., k., a., your a.m.g.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I push my cart in the street

ok, portland. maybe I can.


best lotto symbol ever


rx in pdx

god's grammar



g. with beers

c. & your a.m.g. gettin' in



sort of

ran into z. at sushi

I'm a big eater

z. takes me to all the best spots

of all the mere beings


I puked the tapas


came home to a new z.

on a silken avalanche of clouds

this is my new friend, d. he's a cool dude.
g., as we all know, has always been cool.

c., g., d.: oh that glow

c. & g. waxing

d. takes me to all the classiest joints
::notice the rest room at this bar::

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

you saw through my darkroom voice the way circular breathing makes flight possible

tour de fat

agustus had to help me with this:

mantis on my crossbars

more difficult to force an exit than you'd think

d. in rodeo

tennis sneakers