Friday, November 28, 2008

Parachute into My Crux & Rotator Cup

brooklyn AM

face the morning after: station shot

a lethal pair: posing like there's always time

because of because: what we find when we miss trains

a.m.g. & b. michael in bbgunn's glasses: serving me quite well, thank you

From this shot on the day got shotty itself: had to toss the tamari: too much dead weight. Running through JFK, I realized how hot NYC really can be in the wintered months. How never to trust my stride in soft shoes. To tap to avoid vertigo. Out side of needing to unnecessarily go to the co-op tomorrow, vacation, obviously, was a list of syntactical errors wrapped in bacon served with a side of love fried rice. Now continue with the final shots of thanksgiving vacation:

margot investigates the baggage

crazy eyes: blogging the shit out of thanksgiving break
a.k.a.: vertigo like whoa

watering the ivy creeped up the bird bell

happy thanksgiving: welcome to bagelville

god loves you: walking bridge over freeway:
enlarge for more beauty:the fence acts as my foothills

no; a sign

a.m.g.: thankful for illegal butterfly knives in bronxville

(ignore that we're leaving): thanksgiving at the coal chamber

el & gen absorbing

b. michael & t.: coma & comma faces

southern p. drinks & a. sleeps under ghost hosts

southern p.: gentleman & scholar.
miriam: giggles after gobbles (such beauty deserves a full name)

thankful for ghost host over desserts

get serious: b. michael, t., & a.m.g

brooklyn: chilled away from the fire

p.s. you still drive me ____________

jesus store:

what I wake to: day three

NYC recycles

no you don't

the obsession travels well: outside Italian restaurant/hip coffee house

memory: I wanna ride

below: not the best product for sale in union square. the best? souls.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

You drop the sawdust; I’ll bring the spoons

lady like

blue pipes with natural light

b. michael with blue pipes

we thought it cute: vegan with a steak knife

wait: there are more ways

old friend: b. michael. new friend: p. clyde: nothing better than bud heavy tall boys on the train back home. for those unaware, I've been in Bronxville/NYC all week. I'm in love with many things related to Bronxville/NYC. a nice vacation to say the least.

playing is hard with soup & rust

p.: southern love

sidesaddle this bicycle

Take the last Train

checking the itinerary: margot helps

first stop: harvest

SLC: steamed stairwell

just adore

a.m.g: natural lighting

puppies on lager

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whiskey Winds

c: the gracious host

I'm very big & strong


a.m.g.: knuckles above a.n.

teared wall

yoga class: whiskey warms souls

leg wars


we are all very big & strong

a wife

entertainers: a.k. with magic & c. with bgrass

st. minding the fire

a.wolfe wants jenga for christmas

enlarge: finger on Milton's butt