Saturday, January 3, 2009

indicating a wish

welcome home a.m.g.: snow & confederacy

muskegon: kissing in the snow

michael: getter & keeper

s. j. e.: thankful for ___________

i didn't sign up for this

marleana & aunt a.m.g.: stylish

big a.m.g.: I have a chair too!

ava drumming jams

a. working those ham hocks

mid-size a.m.g. & a. dealing with...something

a. & m.: riding puppies

a. wearing aunt a.m.g.'s bootas

m. wearing aunt a.m.g.'s bootas

dad holding down the fort: image 1

agreed: f christmas


sukey said...

do you have a rocking chair with your name on it, or just amber?

sukey said...

that comment was from me, st...not my mom

on being lean and vaudevillian said...

yes, i have a rocking chair with my name on it. when I go get my license I'll take a picture.