Wednesday, October 15, 2008

asthmatics sleep beside me

big A. Minetta Gould is eying little A. Minetta Gould

What I look at every morning through the screen

Leaving a trail

Lone Wolf: losing pigment & foothills

all that is left of the Boise river

field trip to the zoo: duck school

Leonard Schramm & Steffen Brown are the only people in America that care this much about Germany & progression

holding tight at 51 mph

wanted: housekeeper

pails in the window


play/no play said...

oh, jeez...such lovely photos...i especially like the river one...and the pic through the screen...and that first odd...almost endearing...

i assure you i am on to more than water...

keep up the good work....

jeffreylamonde said...

i like the rock.

Betsy said...

ashleeeey you have a blog?!

okay okay i stalk you.