Saturday, October 11, 2008

Cultivating the Garden

Fall is upon me. Keys from N. Lockman & cap from hipster

I've made friends: M. Mc drinks, St. Effen stares, New Paul chats

A clearer shot: New Paul is magic and makes rainbows

D. is the prettiest married woman I know

C. side-saddles bicycles

Amanda B. always dresses to match PBR

Dad's bike misses MI:As does current rider

Neat Trash

Si: Mail from M. Loncar. 2008's best sender of mail from the Mid-West. Everyone should begin attempting to catch up.

Wearing Margot like a fur

Carefully look at the glow on the bookshelf in the bathroom: Homer's Iliad.
Subtitle: Odd Eyes
Sub-subtitle: The Watchmen is next in line

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play/no play said...

this is all fucking have some great shots...